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sliding scale

I offer a need-based sliding scale option to make my work more accessible for a wider range of people. This option is for folks in the community who may not be able to afford a regular/full price appointment.


This means that you are invited to choose the amount you pay, within a given range. 

For example, if we do a tattoo that costs $400 at full price, I offer you a $100 range down from that full price! So, the sliding scale for that tattoo would be $300-400, and any number in that range works for me. 


Consider booking a sliding scale appointment and paying on the lower end if you experience discrimination, systemic oppression and/or violence based on your race/gender identity/nationality/sexuality/etc. You might choose to pay on the lower end of the sliding scale if you are Black, Indigenous and/or a person of color, especially low income trans or queer BIPOC.


Consider booking a regular appointment if you are financially stable and can regularly afford your basic needs, have savings and/or inheritance, and/or hold privileges related to race/gender identity/education/etc. 


I will never ask for a justification of the rate that you choose to pay. This system is based on trust and also made possible by folks who can pay full price + tip, ultimately paying it forward for clients who may not live as comfortably.  Please do not take advantage of this system if it does not apply to you.  


On my custom and flash request forms, there is a question that asks if my sliding scale option applies to you. You can also include this in your “Appointment Notes” through Square, once your request has been accepted.

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