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flash info

I open my books every month using a form in my Instagram bio.

I update my Instagram bio, story and "channel" most frequently about the dates that my books are open.

WHAT IS FLASH? Flash designs are pre-drawn designs that are available a few times, unless stated otherwise!

My available flash designs are located here on my website! I try to keep it as updated as possible :) 

I tattoo each design between 1 - 5 times. Redraws/variations of past flash are allowed, but they are considered customs and should be booked as such!

I ask for first and second choice of flash in my JotForm. If your first choice has been claimed, I will book you for your second choice.

I prioritize flash requests.

If your flash request is accepted, I will reach out to book via email.

If you do not hear from me, it means that I did not have the time this booking period for your request.


Please do not take this personally! There is only so much time :) Please don't be discouraged, try again next time!

My flash designs are priced at a minimum of $200.

The total cost of a custom often ranges between

$250-$750. I am happy to provide you an estimate beforehand!

Your $100 deposit goes towards the total cost of your tattoo.

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